content_whoweare1.jpgEstablished in 1974, C&M has a heritage as a small re-seller in Singapore for a limited range of chemicals. In those early days we employed just three staff and serviced a handful of customers - who grew to like and rely on the personal service that C&M founder Kwan Fook Ngah provided.

As word of the customer-oriented service from Kwan began to spread, the company's reputation and portfolio of customers started to grow, along with its range of products and services.

Today, C&M employs over 30 staff and is a leading importer and distributor for more than 200 chemicals and chemistry products sourced from around the world. Our range of products and services also includes state-of-the-art plating and engineering machinery solutions.

Just as importantly, the C&M management team continues to serve its customers from across different industries in Asia with the same quality of personal attention that our founder built the company on.

What we are about

For over 35 years, we have placed, and continue to do, our customers and their needs at the heart of our organisation and everything we do. This is fundamental to how C&M does business.

Our company philosophy focuses on creating and cultivating a partnership with our customers that is based on mutual trust. At C&M we express this as a service pledge to be “Close To Our Customers”.

This means that we make our customers the focal point of our activities. Our staff are trained to put this into action every day by focusing on listening closely to our customers, paying attention to what they need and on providing answers that meet those needs effectively and efficiently.

We do this by basing our actions on our four brand values of: Quality, Solutions, Reliability and Experience.

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