CNY 2024

CNY 2024


In East Asia, Lunar New Year embodies a time of jubilation and an occasion to uphold customs while welcoming luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. For C&M Group, this tradition involves carefully selecting an auspicious day to recommence business operations after the extended holiday break.

Spanning across Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, C&M Group commenced the Year of the Dragon with customary fervour and excitement. Each business unit synchronized its reopening with meticulous attention to auspicious timing, symbolizing wishes for good health (身体健康) and business prosperity (财源广进, 生意兴荣).

In Thailand, CMT Thailand wasted no time, re-opening its doors at precisely 8:48 am on February 13 2024, aligning with auspicious timing which was believed to bring fortune and success in the new year. Meanwhile, in Singapore, the C&M Group headquarters buzzed with lively celebrations, featuring auspicious greetings, lion dances, and the rhythmic beats of drums and cymbals. C&M HQ Singapore resumed its operations with zeal and dynamism at 9:48 am on February 15, 2024.

Across the straits in Indonesia, PT GK Indonesia joined in the tradition, resuming operations on the same auspicious day as C&M HQ, at 8:48 am. This ensured that the spirit of prosperity infused every aspect of their business endeavours.

The decision to resume operations on specific auspicious dates underscores C&M Group’s commitment to honouring tradition while embracing optimism for the prosperity that the Lunar New Year brings. Such dedication extends to fostering a positive work environment for employees and nurturing enduring relationships and partnerships.

With a shared sense of unity and optimism, C&M Group is confident that the Year of the Dragon will pave the way for a year filled with positive business growth, personal development, and success for all. Huat Ah!

16 February 2024