Germany Training

Germany Training

Partnering for Success in South East Asia: Technical Training at NGL GmBH from 30 May to 3 June 2023

In a world where manufacturing facilities cater to global demands, South East Asia stands out as a powerhouse. To ensure that these cutting-edge de-coating processes are introduced professionally to our customers in the region, we’ve collaborated with NGL Group. At C&M Group, we’re committed to maintaining our image at the forefront of surface treatment specialization.

Knowledge Is Power:

To stay ahead of the curve and provide our customers with the best solutions, we are making it our priority to empower our engineers with the knowledge and expertise they need. How? Our engineers were trained at NGL Germany’s world-class facility. This immersive experience would equip our team with the skills and insights, enabling them to provide the appropriate advice to our South East Asia’s customers effectively, making us the go-to partner for surface treatment solutions.

Left: Didin Kusmayadi, Head, Sales & Technical, Indonesia
Right: Kittisak Kosaksri, Sales & Chemical Engineer, Thailand

NGL’s Technical Center Laboratory Facility, Germany

NGL’s De-coating Facility, Germany

Evaluating the removal of the pvd coating following the de-coating process

Left to Right: Alan Popozoglo, NGL Engineer, Didin Kusmayadi, C&M Head, Sales & Technical, Indonesia, Uwe Roeder, NGL Managing Director, Kittisak Kosaksri, C&M Sales & Chemical Engineer in Thailand