Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd

Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd


Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd

Chemicals & Machinery is a Technical Collaboration Partner and Authorised Distributor of Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd.

Goldtech is a pioneer in the application of modern scientific technologies in high-tech fertilizer production, especially the application of nanotechnology and biotechnology in agricultural production.

Goldtech is operated by a team of leading Professors and Doctors, as well as a dynamic and innovative steering board with many breakthrough ideas and mastery of technology. Besides, during a process of establishing and expanding of international cooperative relations, Goldtech has created many modern and practical applications, generating important achievements in the application of nanotechnology, which is known as a breakthrough technology in the 21st century, in producing high-quality fertilizer of outstandingly high productivity, quality and food safety meeting standards for export. Goldtech fertilizer not only provides macro elements and trace elements necessary for plants such as Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mg, Mo, Co but also applied silver technology and Nano-silica technology, combined with natural organic compounds such as soybean oil, coconut oil, neem oil, olive oil, etc. In addition, organic oils such as citronella oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon oil serving as effective insect repellent are included. Goldtech products do no harm to human health, does not pollute the ecological environment, and helps to balance the ecosystem (microorganisms, nutrition,...) in soil in particular and the habitat in general. The products are not harmful to soil texture and doesn’t make soil degradation and erosion, but contribute to improving fertility in nutritional-poor areas and land of desertification (sand and gravel).

Following the motto “Quality is the top priority”, through the application of nanotechnology, Goldtech high grade fertilizer products make fast nutritional penetration speed; pushing plants grow fast and healthily with high disease, drought, coldness and frost resistance, increasing productivity and quality. Applying Goldtech fertilizers the agricultural products will have good surface, high quality, build consumers’ belief and farmers’ credibility across the world.

GOLDTECH, Leading Technology - Golden Harvest!

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Goldtech Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd Corporate Video


Documentary on Goldtech Organic Fertlizer produced by Vietnam Television (VTV).

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