Let’s Bond & Rejuvenate @ Bali

Let’s Bond & Rejuvenate @ Bali


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, fostering strong bonds and camaraderie among team members is paramount for creating a thriving work environment. Recognizing this significance, the C&M Group of Companies recently embarked on its annual retreat—a cherished tradition held dear by all members of the organization.

This year’s retreat held particular significance as it not only brought together the core team members but also warmly welcomed colleagues from PT GK Indonesia and CMT Thailand, overseas business units of the C&M Group. Set against a backdrop of picturesque scenery, the retreat provided the perfect setting for fostering connections and strengthening ties across borders.

As the sun graced the horizon on the first day of the retreat, a palpable sense of excitement filled the air as team members eagerly gathered for a day brimming with team-building activities. From engaging icebreaker sessions to learning the Bali’s folk dance, every moment was designed to encourage collaboration and unity among the diverse group of people from different cultures and backgrounds. A standout feature of the retreat was the opportunity for team members from different business units to interact and learn from each other. Whether they were sharing best practices, exchanging cultural insights, or simply enjoying moments of laughter, the bonds formed during this retreat transcended geographical boundaries.

Beyond the structured activities, the retreat also provided ample opportunities for informal interactions and relaxed networking. Team members seized the chance to connect on a personal level, forging friendships that extended far beyond the confines of the retreat. The spirit of fun and camaraderie permeated every corner of the retreat, with laughter echoing across the grounds and memories being etched that would last a lifetime. As the sun dipped below the horizon on the final day, there was a sense of fulfilment, knowing that not only had working connections been fortified, enduring friendships had also been forged. These will serve as a sturdy foundation for continued collaboration, innovation, and success.

With team members from across the region coming together as one cohesive unit, the possibilities are boundless, and the journey ahead promises to be filled with excitement, growth, and shared achievements. Lastly, our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for being part of this incredible journey, and here’s to many more unforgettable retreats to come!

22~ 26 February 2024